Living Well In Your Community

Your West Sussex Care Guide

This official publication provides West Sussex residents with invaluable advice and information on living well in their community. Each year 12,500 copies are distributed free of charge by WSCC throughout the County to local community support teams, primary and secondary care organisations. The general public can request their free copy by contacting WSCC either online or by phone.

Information provided in the West Sussex Care Guide includes:

  • Health and wellbeing – both physical and mental
  • Support to live well at home
  • Support for family and friends who provide care
  • Finding care at home
  • Extra-care housing schemes
  • Care homes throughout the county
  • Tech & equipment services

Now in its 14th year, the West Sussex Care Guide continues to prove itself as a successful publication in which you can advertise your business. An interactive eBook version, allowing users to browse the Guide online via their mobile or desktop device, reaches a widespread audience which is vital now more than ever before.

The Guide is produced annually by West Sussex County Council in collaboration with local agency, Buzzword. It is a cost-neutral publication.

The following pages of this website offer clear and concise steps for placing your advertisement in the Guide, together with costs and page dimensions to suit your requirements.

West Sussex Care Guide 2020/21

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